Matthew Galinn


3 Vale Rd.

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An active composer and pianist, Matt Galinn is fascinated by the range and depth of emotions, images, and ideas which can be created by combining pitches and sounds across time.  He has written extensively for soloists, chamber ensembles, and symphonic orchestra.  He has over ten years of experience performing both as a soloist and in various chamber ensembles throughout Maryland.  Additionally, he has worked professionally as an arranger to provide popular music for live events throughout the Northeastern United States.

Providing others with the tools and knowledge to express themselves through music is a tremendous source of satisfaction for Matt.  As such, composing is an important part of his piano teaching philosophy, and he believes that students of all ages should compose and improvise as part of their piano curriculum.  In addition to being a deeply meaningful form of expression, composing requires students to become very familiar with the building blocks of music which directly transfers to their growth as performers.

Matt earned a post-baccalaureate certificate in piano performance from Towson University where he studied piano with Dr. Eva Mengelkoch. In addition, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition from the University of Baltimore County, Maryland, and a Master’s degree in Music Composition from Towson University.
Matt has experience successfully teaching students of all ages and musical backgrounds: whether you are an adult looking to learn how to read music and play your favorite songs or you have a child who wants to take their first step in learning an instrument, Matt is excited to help guide your musical journey!