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Joyful Sounds Landing Page

If you are looking for the Joyful Sounds School of Music, it is here!

Although Bel Air Music Studios purchased Joyful Sounds in July of 2017, the location, rates, and most of the faculty remain the same. Although Joyful Sounds is now under the umbrella of my school, Bel Air Music Studios, current and former Joyful Sounds students will enjoy the same location, instructors, convenience, and rates as before.

If you are a current or former student of Joyful Sounds, and you’d like to resume lessons, go ahead and register through the Bel Air Music Studios registration gateway: just click the link here. Once at the gateway, just click the link for the “new student registration form.” Ignore the instructions for returning students, as you are new to Bel Air Music Studios!

If you’ve already registered with Joyful Sounds for the 2017-2018 academic year (before July 7), then your information has already been entered manually into the BAMS system, and you’ll be billed according to what you owe if you are a monthly student.*

You’ll be able to choose the same instructor you had last year, except for Jason Chaillou and Jan Hassellbusch, who are not returning this year. If you studied with Jason, you’ll be placed with Patrick Sise; if you studied piano with Jan, we will place you with Amy Demps. If you aren’t sure who you should study with, please call 410-803-5449, or email Christopher Dillon at

All Joyful Sounds lessons will occur at First Presbyterian Church, except for lessons with Janis Katsu, trombone, or with Meredith Katsu, flute (and piano). Those will take place at the Forest Hill Annex (Janis Katsu’s home).

Once you’ve filled out the registration information, you will receive an invoice for the first month’s tuition (if you select “budget plan”) or for the entire year (if you select “semester plan”).  VERY IMPORTANT: when you get to the “website opt in/out,” select “other” and type “Joyful Sounds.” Then I will know to give you the same rate you had last year.

We are on a 36 week academic calendar.  As a half-hour lesson was billed at $24.50, that means the full year tuition is $882.  If you choose “semester plan” on the registration form, that is the amount you’ll be invoiced.*

One tenth of  $882 is $88.20. As there are 10 months in our academic year, that is the amount you’ll be invoiced each month if you choose “budget plan” on the registration form.

You can pay by cash, check, or we accept credit cards through PayPal. Invoices are due within 5 business days of receipt, or by September 7 (the first day of lessons), whichever comes first.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call (410) 803-5449, or email me at

Best wishes,

Dr. Christopher Dillon

P. S. You can learn more about BAMS by going to our homepage. Just keep in mind that I’ve pledged to keep your experience as similar as possible to last year, so, apart from the academic calendar and recital dates, BAMS policies, including attendance and make-up policies, do not apply.

*If you registered before July 7 and paid in advance for Joyful Sounds’ entire 35-week calendar, you will be billed an additional $24.50 for the extra week.