Standards and Expectations

At Bel Air Music Studios, we have taken great pains to recruit the most qualified and dedicated instructors. As a result, we have high expectations for improvement and accomplishment among our students.

Students are encouraged to practice daily for at least the same number of minutes as their weekly lesson.  While participation in studio recitals and other performance opportunities is optional, students are strongly encouraged to do so. Those who show little interest in their music lessons or fail to improve at a reasonable rate (to be determined by the instructor in consultation with the parent or guardian) will be dismissed.  Any refunds will be based on which plan the student was in and how much time was remaining in the semester at the date of dismissal, but will not exceed half of the amount paid for the current period.

Due to high demand for our services, we have strict guidelines for payment (for more information, see our Payment and Attendance Policy). Responsible parties are expected to pay in full, on time. They are also expected to tell us in advance (by the 21st of the preceding month) of planned absences.  Those who pay more than 7 days late, or are habitually inconsiderate about notifying us in advance about billing adjustments, will be dismissed.

Students are expected to attend weekly lessons by default. Although we offer plans that are flexible and family-friendly, students who miss 2 or more lessons on average each month, or discontinue for more than 4 weeks without pre-paying the month after their return, will be dismissed.