Family-Friendly Policies

We’re often asked, “Do you make up missed lessons?” Surprisingly, some music schools and music teachers do not.

Of course, it would be most convenient for everyone if lessons occurred without fail every week at the same time.  This is the plan we follow during the school year, 99% of the time.  However, we recognize that sometimes there are circumstances that cannot be controlled (death in the family, illness, or a school concert) which might conflict with your regular lesson time.

If the conflict is known, such as an upcoming family vacation, you have the option of not paying for the missed lesson if you take advantage of our monthly payment plan and tell the teacher before the new month begins. Those enrolled in that plan are paying a little more for the flexibility of being able to do so.

The semester plan offers a discount of about 10 percent per lesson, as a flat rate for the semester. There, the solution for an excused absence is to have the missed lesson made up.

If a teacher has an emergency, a substitute may take their place, or they will make up the missed lesson. As a last resort, in some cases, credit will be extended to the next pay period.

Our teacher’s schedules are very full—often, the only way we can make up a lesson is if we know ahead of time someone will be absent.   So we ask that you contact our teachers (that is why you should exchange contact information at the first lesson) and give them as much advance notice as you can. A make up lesson will not be offered if a student is a no-show, or if the lesson is cancelled at the last minute (except in the case of illness or death in the family). Please take a moment to read our payment and attendance policy for further details, including inclement weather policies.

Family Friendly Policies