Joyful Sounds Landing Page

If you are looking for the Joyful Sounds School of Music, it is here!

Bel Air Music Studios* purchased Joyful Sounds in July of 2017. Fortunately, the location, low rates, and most of the faculty have remained the same. Because Joyful Sounds is now under the umbrella of my school, Bel Air Music Studios, current and former Joyful Sounds students will enjoy the same location, instructors, and convenience as before.

Wrapping up Academic Year 2020-2021

Our academic year ends June 11. Unless you’d like to continue with the Summer Session, your last lesson will occur on or before that date. If you paid in advance for the semester or academic year, your tuition is covered through the last lesson of the academic year, on or before June 11. If you paid already for June, that amount can be either be applied to summer lessons or credited toward reserving your spot in the fall.

Summer Session, 2021

12 Weeks, June 11-September 3

Because most of our instructors will continue through the summer, you now have the opportunity to continue with summer lessons. Music making does not have to stop just because the schools are closed; on the contrary, because the schools are closed, there is more time for music making!

In order to maximize participation during the summer months, we are locking in the low $29.00  rate for students who take 6 or more lessons this summer. This would not only secure their lesson time, but also keep their rate the same. If your teacher is taking the summer off, you automatically receive the $29.00 rate. However, if you take the summer off and your teacher was available for lessons, your rate will move to $32 per half hour.

To lock in the low rate, you also have the option to take lessons with another teacher (depending on their availability) if yours is off for the summer. That is not a requirement, however.

If you want summer lessons, just use this form by June 10 to tell us when you will be away or unavailable for lessons during the summer. We will then know which weeks you would like lessons. At that point, you will receive an invoice for the number of lessons you desire.

Fall Registration

If you are enrolled in summer lessons, then the transition into the semester is completely seamless. Rates and times are guaranteed.

If you cannot take lessons this summer, you can still pre-register for the the 2021-2022 academic year by pre-paying for September at $32 per half-hour lesson.  It remains one of the best deals around. If you wish to save, our semester plan, at $31 per half-hour lesson, is an attractive alternative. Just keep in mind that instructors who teach over the summer will likely take new students, so it may be more difficult to get your ideal lesson time.

Longer lesson times, such as 45 minutes or one hour, are not only available but a great deal (they are proportionally priced a bit lower than the 30-minute lessons). If you have two or more students enrolled with us or you desire longer lessons, the sibling discount or semester plan, especially the latter with the longer lesson times, will be an even better deal.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call (410) 803-5449, or email me at

Best wishes,

Dr. Christopher Dillon

*You can learn more about BAMS by going to our homepage.