Matt [Shea]

I am very pleased with the instruction our daughter has been getting with Katie, she makes the learning fun and something our daughter enjoys doing. We’ve also noticed that the piano lessons have helped our child with her core academic concepts, as she has struggled with some of them during the school year. These lessons have been a win-win situation for us all and we will continue on with her growth thru playing piano!

H. L.

I appreciate Ms. Ostrosky’s flexibility, enthusiastic teaching, and, most importantly, the way she treats her students. Thank her so much for making my son continue to work on music.

Wayne G.

My son has been attending BAMS and studying under Dr. Christopher Dillon for nearly three years. I am amazed at the high level of instruction my son has received! Dr. Dillon is a humble and very devoted, child-oriented teacher. He has the unique ability to reach each child’s inner musical self – regardless of age – and with patient assuredness work wonders. If you are looking for caring and highly skilled instruction that is equivalent to Peabody Conservatory’s level of instruction at affordable prices, look no further than Bel Air Music Studios!

Michael Ehart

Immediately after I started taking piano lessons from Dr. Dillon three years ago, my playing improved dramatically.  Since, he has developed my performance skills, theory knowledge, and musical expression, allowing me to choose the type of music I want to play.  Dr. Dillon has a very broad range of expertise and has a solution for every problem.

Josef and Patricia Kocarek

Dr. Dillon has one of the very rare abilities to bring out the students artistic creative side with incredible motivation underlined with necessary discipline. We were very happy to find him for our daughter!

C. Dierbach

Our two boys, ages 7 and 9, started studying piano one year ago with Dr. Christopher Dillon. We are thrilled with the progress that they have made, and their development of a love of music. Dr. “D” is very patient and caring. We love the fact that group recitals are regularly organized by the studios, allowing both beginner and advanced students to have the experience of giving a performance. This not only helps them build confidence in their musical abilities, but is an overall confidence builder.  We feel very fortunate to have found such an excellent piano instructor with so much professional training right in our local area.


Both of my children have been learning piano here for a few years. Dr. Dillon is very responsible and offered many good suggestions on how to improve my children’s piano skills.  He is very patient with kids. My daughter learned piano at a different place before but made no progress.  After watching the recitals of Dr. Dillon’s students, I knew that I should switch her to Dr. Dillon’s studio.  I am glad I did it. She has improved a lot and her daily practice is not a struggle anymore. She started to enjoy playing piano.  You get Peabody quality teaching but at a very affordable price.

Mandy Chiu

Bel Air Music Studios is an exceptional classical music school, where students can obtain conservatory instruction at reasonable rates and it is accessible to all levels and all ages. Students can start at any level and attend lessons to achieve each person’s goal in their musical education.

Dr. Dillon is a very experienced and professional pianist. He trains students with patience and dedication to help them prepare for Trinity Examination, competitions and college auditions. He inspires students to aim for their personal best by organizing and holding recitals twice a year which is a good opportunity to hear other student’s musical prowess and be inspired.

As a parent and a student at BAMS, I feel that the investment we have put in myself and my son’s musical education has been rewarded in our musical growth.

Pamela Abramson

My daughter began lessons with Katie Ostrosky in February 2014. She has done very well. Her first recital was in June 2014 and she did a great job considering the short time since she began lessons. Katie is a superb teacher and has seen the potential in my daughter . . . I’m very pleased!