Radhati “Arthy” Srisukwattananan, beginning piano


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Beginning piano with junior instructors is a program that allows BAMS to offer beginner lessons at a discount, while giving qualified high schoolers valuable teaching experience.

If there are no available trial lesson times or if you have a question about trial lessons, please contact us.

The trial lesson is an opportunity for student and teacher to meet one another to determine if they are compatible with one another, without any long-term commitment. Parents are welcome to accompany children. If a longer lesson length is desired, that can be arranged after the initial 30-minute session.


Beginning at age 7, Radhati “Arthy” Srisukwattananan studied piano for over 10 years under Dr. Christopher Dillon with experience in jazz, classical, and choir accompaniment standards. Arthy also enjoys singing and participating in theatre. His most notable role: Kristoff in Frozen. His goal is to uphold Bel Air Music Studios’ reputation as an outstanding source for music education while providing a relaxed, nurturing environment to learn the piano.

Arthy has had various experiences within the mentorship environment. In past years, Arthy instructed Taekwondo classes as a 3rd degree black belt. Presently, Arthy contains student council positions helping to oversee activities within two nonprofit organizations including both Techbrick Education and Army Education and Outreach (AEOP) programs. Arthy also holds the roles of captain of FTC robotics team 007, vice-president of the National Honor Society, and officer of the Science National Honor Society.

A senior at the Science and Mathematics Academy, Arthy currently maintains a 4.60 GPA.

Arthy has been appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he plans to continue his passion for music and mentorship while pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering.